Thursday, 12 February 2015


Name of book:      DORK-The adventures of Robin Einstein Varghese
Author:                   Sidin Vadukut
Here’s a book as promising many a funny adventures, as the title suggests, bringing us close to a dangerously normal, humble and unwittingly intelligent Robin Einstein Varghese, whose office travails pull us into the whirlpool of his first year in his consultant firm- Dufresne Partners.
The book takes you through the inside-out ways of an organisation and its people’s way of thinking and functioning and makes you a willing participant in the process. Despite the rich dose of humour sprayed all over the story, there are times when you feel like shouting at Robin, the hero (?) for thinking or doing something no one else would otherwise think to do. You live and breathe his anxieties, fortunes and misfortunes as you move ahead with each word.
It is a story of a fresh business school pass out who lands himself a job with Dufresne Partners who in turn have hired him out of desperation themselves. Being a pass out becomes a catch phrase with Robin as he shows extra ordinary ability to pass out leading to unprecedented and unpredictable consequences. As he tells himself in incredulous wonder- “Sometimes I think I am the character in some insane office culture novel.”
This is the first volume of the Dork trilogy by Sidin Vadukut and promises engaging and good writing by the author.
A must read.

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