Sunday, 10 May 2015

Man or Salman

Good and bad reside inside a person.
If we see a lot of bad happening there is also an exceptional number of do-gooders in this world that kind of brings the world order at a par. Man will not desist from doing wrong as also some good. So it is rather a pesky thought to burden oneself over why people behave the way they do. If you know someone who has done something wrong and may be does so consistently, then apart from it giving you the gee bees you may also want to know his/her nature, compulsions, motivation, circumstance or the situation of that individual as to why a certain action took place. And after you’ve known the needful, you may still be restive in your mind with dissatisfaction of sorts as you mentally shrug with incredulity at the ridiculousness of the situation. A wrong can never be accepted as easily as a correct deed can be.
On the other hand if someone does good, it is taken as de rigueur and sometimes even acknowledged for what it is worth. That’s how nature ordains in its rule book.
However, we also seem to have contrived of ways to assimilate things that are not right and are untrue, into the web of our life and that has become de rigueur too. We are ready to forgive faults of those we think we like and whose image sits pretty in our hearts. We allow what our heart desires and pleases the eye to decide how things sway in the major play of elements so that the truth becomes a mere point in the agenda and the last one at that.
Whatever the repercussions: they will come as they come. There’s a very clever explanation in the Hindu philosophy for any good or bad happening in our lives and which btw transcends its communal limits to explain things to the general citizenry of our country and that is called ‘fate’.
If we have a bad turn of events it would mean simply that we did something bad (karma) in our previous birth or life and are now paying for it. Even if we are two goody shoes or boots as the case may be in the present birth, we may still have to suffer because of our misdeeds we did foolishly and spoiled our stay for the present.

The good we are receiving is similarly proportional to the goodness we’d done then. As you sow, so shall you reap....... in another birth. So you recharged your mobile phone balance but the money went to some other number by mistake. But you know what to blame it on. Same thing you pavement dwellers.

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