Friday, 20 February 2015

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Book Review- Be Careful What You Wish For by Jeffrey Archer


This is the latest from one of my favourite writers in fiction writing. A gripping tale of a family becoming victim to personal vendetta and business rivalry in an arena that knows no value for ethics. The story has all the neccessary ingredients to keep it going but I do miss the incisive wit and cunning that spewed from Mr Archer’s pen in his previous novels like ‘Kane & Able’,’Not a penny more, not a penny less’ and others.
The story is about the Clifton family who is being targetted by Don Pedro Martinez with a vicious vengeance that will brook no obstacle to obtain his aim. While the Cliftons are being keenly guarded by the police, Don Pedro takes his fight onto Emma Clifton’s brother the cabinet secretary Sir Giles Barrington’s chances to further his political career. Other than that all is well in everyone’s personal lives as Emma’s children Sebastian and Jessica find suitable life partners too with all sides giving their blessings until Don Pedro plays his heinous part to bring unhappiness all concerned what with his connections with the Nazis and even the IRA.
In all of this, Cedric Hardcastle, an outsider to these families, appears like a godfather and sets about righting the wrongs. But is he able to help them despite his efforts is what is most interesting.
Just when I’d decided Mr Archer going all mellow and spongy soft with most of his characters, he lends a twist that made me ask him- Why sir why…?

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