Friday, 13 February 2015

Mother-By Order

 Hey all, here's something I'd posted sometime back for you all to read while I'm reading another book to review for you all! Enjoy...... mother
Two news items caught my eye this month...and I came to the conclusion that the world will never cease to surprise us ever since the old order changed into a never-settling-into-any-fixed pattern world.
Mothers are in demand. Well, they’ve always been since eternity. The old order had a fixed place and role for the women and when ambitions and feminism were hidden well underneath the many folds of petticoats and patriarchy, she delivered herself very ably to the various demands made on her. Of all else her role as a mother was what she excelled in the most as the one who could go to any lengths to take care of her children. She has been widely proclaimed the nurturer, the care giver, the nurse, the hearth warmer, the house keeper.....the keeper and so on.
Ma, maman, mamma, mutti, mother, madre- as she is known in different regions of the world n different languages. But it without doubt is an entity that has been most referred, revered, and loved than any other relationship.  Whatever the older social system gave to the women, it itself received the better of the deal naturally. A picture of a happily laughing family, the mother serenely knitting away as they sit comfortably in the drawing room or kitchen or wherever, comes to mind when I think of the them days.
Men as we know have traditionally been the providers. Mothers devoted, fathers providers- the complete package.
So the first news that caught my attention was of a man from Hong Kong who had put out an advertisement for...hold your breath...yes a ‘mother’!
Now now! After the initial stumping I went into the next stage of consciousness and asked myself in my mind ‘Exactly why? And what kind of mamma?’ To which the news report stated that the man did not have a mother since his childhood and he wanted to know the feeling of having a mother. That was about all the report had to give so I do not know the answer to my next query- What kind of mamma?
I am still waiting for any more news about this man’s quest to find a mother and good luck too! Hail ye changing order, mothers are now a commodity that I presume will gain more in demand in times to come.
The second news item was closer home and again, is an indicator of the times we are in. A young man from Kerala, India shocked not just his own parents but all who heard of it when he said that he wanted to be with ‘HIS’ mother-a nurse working in an Arab country, who he had found through the internet! No it was not a case of a biological mother finding her separated child or vice-versa. The boy had come to know her through internet and remained in touch with her so much so that they became a family!
She apparently had also transferred some money into his account and thus...strengthened the filial bonds with self. This raises a good set of questions itself but one thing that I find in it is that it fulfils the need of  being a ‘Provider’ ;) and a mom too!
Living in a virtual neighbourhood, FB family and friends we’ve become the 3-D caricatures of our human lives. We are being virtually manipulated into believing that the world is enclosed inside our laptops, i-pads, mobiles and the lot.
Another thing Hong Kong may have to wait a long time to find the old order mom if that’s who you are looking for.

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